Upgrade your wind farm management

SCADA integration

By integrating data primarily managed by various SCADA systems, the software is aimed to give an access to powerful and concrete insights coming from the data.

Failures detection

Machine learning-based algorithms are responsible for early failure detection, thus enabling predictive maintenance and consequent cost reductions.

Energy production forecasts

Advanced models based on artificial intelligence ensure accurate electricity generation forecasts, increasing the ability to avoid costly under- or over-productions.

Inventory management

Constant insight into spare components in stock along with updated comparison of available offers enables optimization and automation of upcoming orders.

Maintenance work optimization

The combination of energy production and maintenance forecasts empowers you to align O&M with low energy production, assuring the least costly operation.

Turbine downtime reduction

Reduced number of unexpected failures, together with improved inventory management, allow for a decrease in turbine downtime and resulting cut of expenses.

Flexible and simple interface

Interface is designed to be tailored for each actor engaged in the process of wind farm management and to provide an easy access to the most important information.

Software compatibility

Compatible architecture of our software lets you integrate any tools that you currently work with into our platform, eliminating the need of using multiple systems.

WindAlly mobile app

To stay connected whenever you need it.

We know that being a manager requires a lot of field work on the site. This is why we offer a fully functional mobile version of our platform for handy operation in the field.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can take advantage of WindAlly?
WindAlly is primarily designed for wind asset managers. Platform gives an overview of all actions that take place on their wind farms, allows to plan and schedule maintenance and contact all stakeholders engaged in energy production process.
Our goal is to help the managers cut down the operational costs of their wind farms by optimizing processes, using the available data and building on it.
We integrate data collected by SCADA systems and build predictive models on top of those. This powerful combination allows the user to be more accurate with planning maintenance, to precisely estimate energy production and to anticipate upcoming failures of operating components.

It's cloud based, meaning there is no installation required! Initial setup of account takes approximately 60 minutes making WindAlly a valuable asset from day one. Integration with on-site SCADA systems takes around one week. As soon as we integrate our models with your SCADA systems, the application will be fully functional.

Decrease of wind turbine downtime cost, optimization of communications and organizations among employees and possible asset lifetime extension.